Get Bigger Breasts – Advice for Chihuahuan Girls

Hey everyone, we decided to start off with women advice for girls in chihuahua, enjoy!

Unfortunately, Mother Nature has endowed our breasts only with a little defense: our bosom barely contains muscles and consists mainly of fat and glandular tissue.
Not exactly the best weapons to fight against the influence of gravity. With age also adopt the gland mass in our breasts down, to be replaced by … more fat. And the more fat contains your breasts, how merciless strikes gravity.
Do you dream of a pair of firm breasts?
Which are unfortunately not easy, but with these tips you come a long way.


Getting started!

1. DOPING BUT! Your daily Treat your body on a hydrating body cream? Good, but it could be better! Namely, your breasts deserve a customized care plan. Massage a breast firming cream or serum with circular massage movements in your delicate breast skin.

2. WARM VERSUS COLD Turn at the end of your shower turns the cold tap and let the cold water run over your breasts. Make circular motions around your breasts. Do the same with hot water and let the water sometimes from hot to cold walk. Exchange showers stimulate circulation, leaving your skin will feel smoother and tighter. Important: Always end with cold water (to close your pores). After a while, you will notice that your breasts are firmer.

3. EXIT DIET Diets can figure or benefit; your breasts are not beautiful by it. The ever full and firm breasts kicks, after a strict diet, often not much left and gravity strikes in full force. And when the pounds are reeling again secretly, your breasts get bigger again, but their original strength, they are forever lost. Would you still lose some extra kilos without your breasts change in tea bags? Do it slowly. A weight loss of half a kilogram per week is the maximum to reduce the damage to your breasts.

4. MORE WITHOUT CUTTING breast augmentation or breast lift? No one today seems to look at. Not choose anyone who dreams of fuller breasts for cosmetic surgery. The anesthesia, the recovery period, scarring and the costs do many Borst Lustig en store their dream. They also now realize the beauty industry. Breast enlargements or breast reinforcements with no surgery is involved, are also big business.

One of these new treatments is Macrolane. WHAT IS IT? A cup size and a fuller bosom, which promises Macrolane. Under local anesthesia is Macrolevel, a gel based on hyaluronic acid injected into your breasts. Hyaluronic acid has already been used to smooth wrinkles, but now also proves an effective way to enhance your breasts. After the treatment, you can go straight home. Suitable for? For everyone who wants to change her breasts: (maximum) an additional cup size to correct an aesthetic problem. Many women have trouble with the asymmetry in their breasts; this issue can be remedied with Macrolane. But also for breast cancer patients who have maintained a breast reconstruction folds of the skin, this treatment is suitable.

Unfortunately, the effect is only temporary. It remains about twelve months visible. Then it is advisable to do a touch-up. TAG? Depending on the amount used Macrolevel pay for breast augmentation or 2,500 euros to 4,100 euros. A follow-up treatment costs 1,750 euros to 2,500 euros. 5. CHEATING MAG An intimate dinner or glamorous party in prospect? By strategically placing some applying makeup, like your breasts in no time rounder and fuller. Many do not need you here for a powder brush, dark and light bronzer powder. For more rounded breasts: Put some dark bronzer powder to your powder brush. Place the brush tip next to where your bra strap starts and make a semi-circular movement toward the center of the breasts to. Use the light bronzer to blur the shadow applied, so the result looks natural. For larger breasts: Bring your breasts between a shining light colored bronzer powder to. Shiny powder particles reflect the light making you create a sense of depth. For an instant cup size bigger! 6. THE RIGHT PACKAGE Good ‘packaged’ show your breasts immediately a lot more attractive. Provided that you have the right lingerie naturally, choose. Research shows that as many as eight out of ten women wear the wrong bra size.

Some tips:

1. Your bra often creeps up on your back, or you have very carefully pull the straps? Then the girth of your bra may be too big. A correct circumference (or rug mat) is critical, which largely determines the support that you have breasts. You measure your girth by just taking the outline of your body below your breasts.

2. Also correct cup size is essential. The cup should not be in two parts of your chest, but should mount flush to your skin and filled with your chest.

3. You should feel your bra: it should not be too tight, nor too loose. Even if your bra straps do down, your bra should stay in place.

4. Apply a new bra always on the outer hook. After some off over time, your bra stretches, and you will have to reduce it.

5. A bra does not give extra support to your breasts but only creates a rounder shape. Note that the bracket includes your full chest: the bracket goes from under your arm up to your sternum. Does the bracket still somewhere on your chest, it could take care of bruising or other injury particles.

7. A padded bra gives a nice shape to your breasts and is barely visible, even under tight-fitting clothing. Even for those who have dense breasts, a padded bra is ideal: your breasts are better formed, and you appear slimmer by.

8. For those who dream of large breasts are in addition to the classic push-up bras also bras with silicone pads. These fillings also called “kip filet Jes” are also available separately to fit into any bra. You can find them in many models: besides enlarging, they can also serve as a corrective (for example, to eliminate a difference between the two breasts).

9. Who is heavily pregnant is advised to wear no bra but an adopted baby. And who are breastfeeding is best to choose custom lingerie? A perfect bracket presses the milk glands in your chest member, which can lead to inflammation. Today there are custom bras on the market with flexible brackets: they adapt to the shape of the breast.

10. There are as many as fifty different bra sizes. A fitting bra purchase is not so obvious. Buy lingerie, therefore, best in a specialty store. They guide you in the search for the perfect bra for you. A good bra does not have to be expensive. From 30 euros, you often think you have a good model. And even though the price is slightly higher than in chains, the quality and service more than make good.

Exercises to strengthen your breasts? Nonsense, in fact, your breasts are not muscles. You can be the muscle that lies train under your breasts, causing larger and your breasts look firmer.

Exercise 1: Place your hands together and bring your elbows at shoulder height. Press your palms together firmly and hold it for five seconds. Do this fifteen times in a row and repeat this exercise series three times.

Exercise 2: Sit on your hands and knees and place your hands on the floor directly below your shoulders. Tighten your abdominal muscles and slowly bag almost touches the ground with your elbows until your chest. Make sure your back stays straight. Come back to the starting position. Repeat eight times. Also, swimming, rowing, and yoga are good sports to train your chest muscle. Always wear a sports bra game, which captures 78 percent of all shocks.


1. Moderate salt: A diet high in salt, which does dehydrate your body swell and your breasts feel sensitive. Moreover, dry skin prone to wrinkles Avoids ready-to-eat meals, which are often full of salt bombs.

2. Drink milk: Combine your pectoral muscle exercises with protein food. These proteins promote muscle building. Daily drink a pint of milk is an excellent way to get the necessary proteins. Do not drink more milk than that, the excess protein is converted into fat. 3. Omega

3: Fatty fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel packed with Omega 3. Omega 3 improves the complexion of your skin, giving your cleavage looks shinier and healthier.

4. Vitamin E: Put avocados, nuts and spinach on the menu. Rich in vitamin E, which nourishes the skin and blemishes disappear. Too painful breasts feel less sensitive to.